Miley, Moon Unit & Me – An Interview with Tegan Jones

Boutique Theatrecabaret, melbourne, season 2017

Eleanor Boydell, Associate Producer for Prayers to Broken Stone sat down with Tegan Jones to chat about her relationship with her father, what it is like to create a brand new work and what audiences can expect to get out of this heartfelt show. Miley, Moon Unit & Me is obviously very inspired by your musical relationship with your own Dad. What did music mean for you growing up? Music was a huge part of my life growing up. There are stories of me making up songs while sitting on the back porch at age 2 eating food, to belting … Read More

Your Ultimate 90s RnB Playlist

Boutique Theatrecabaret, melbourne, season 2017

To show we’re all up with the technology AND to get audiences excited about My Prerogative opening this week, Josh RH Daveta has put together a Spotify Playlist that makes it RnB Friday every day. We asked the team behind My Prerogative what song on the playlist they’re most excited about and why: We had a bit of lurve with the man himself: “Weak by SWV! Why? Because it’s my favourite love song!” Josh R H Daveta, Writer & Performer We had downright confusion about bodies of water: “TLC’s Waterfalls because I never knew who Jason Waterfalls was or why … Read More

My Prerogative – An Interview with Josh RH Daveta

Boutique Theatrecabaret, season 2017

In anticipation of his brand new solo show My Prerogative at The Butterfly Club, Brisbane performer Josh RH Daveta sat down with Boutique Theatre Artistic Director Emma Caldwell to talk all things nostalgia, propeller hats and 90s RnB. Q: You’ve got an amazing voice! When did you start singing? Aw, thank you. It always feels nice to hear that. I’ve been singing since I was a little kid-let in church but I vividly remember my Dad teaching myself and my sister to harmonise around the age of 6 or 7 by just singing at home and we sang at church. … Read More

Behind the Scenes: Shooting the Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls Trailer

Boutique Theatrefairytalelives, melbourne, season 2017

The cast and crew members of Boutique Theatre’s latest production, The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls, gathered together on a dark and gloomy Sunday evening to shoot a trailer to give a taste to our audiences of what this deeply absurd, darkly funny work is all about. This endeavour was a strong team effort which required the skills and talent of Costume Designer, Fiona Pitt, and Filmmakers Darian Jones and Andrew Faram with the guidance of Director Elizabeth Millington. This atmosphere of collaboration and creativity is what our creatives and actors love most about working within Boutique Theatre. We cannot … Read More

The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls – Artistic Director’s Note

Boutique Theatremelbourne, season 2017

When The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls first made its way into my hands I was in the midst of mapping out Boutique Theatre’s 2017 season, Bloodlines. Then, I started reading this little red manuscript and Meg Miroshnik’s world of Russian folklore, family and fairytale snuck up on me. Immediately I knew this play had to feature in Bloodlines. I’d never read anything quite like it. Written by a wonderful female playwright, The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls tells the story of Annie, a young American who heads back to Russia to get in touch with her roots. Against the … Read More

Top Christmas Movies Of All Time!

Boutique Theatremelbourne, merryxmasbitches, season 2016

In the hope of getting into the spirit of Christmas, Boutique Theatre has put together the top best Christmas movies of all time. Drumroll, please – here are the ultimate, no doubt whatsoever, best films to watch during the silly season: 1. Die Hard In many ways, this result is not surprising at all. In the last few years, many people have been loud and proud about their love for this film, and have declared it a Christmas classic. A quick google of ‘Why is Die Hard a Christmas film?’ will reveal that there are A LOT of people willing … Read More