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19 – 27 May 2017, 8pm
Irene Mitchell Studio -28 St Martins Pl, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

Always sleep with one eye open…

Once upon a time, in 2005, 20-year-old Annie is sent by her mother back to her native Russia to brush up on the language, and lose her American accent. Underneath an opulent, neon-lit, post-Soviet Moscow she discovers an enchanted motherland – teeming with evil stepmothers, wicked witches, and ravenous bears.

While staying with an old family friend, Annie meets Masha and Katya – two glamorous Moscovians who introduce her to a world of magic, mystery, and vodka. But then, Masha disappears and Annie and Katya set out to save her.

Annie must learn how to become the heroine of a story more mysterious, treacherous and absurdly funny than any childhood fable; her own. She quickly learns that not every fairytale has a happy ending…

31 May – 4 June 2017
The Butterfly Club

My Prerogative, written and performed by Josh RH Daveta, is a show inspired by RnB music of the 90s.

J. Curtis, a School Dean, is about to conduct end of semester parent interviews to personally update the academic progress of their overtly rich teenagers. Some of them excelled, others failed and one in particular has caused so much controversy, he does not know how to handle the distant future.

How does a school dean prepare to unleash such news amongst people who help fund an institute into millions of dollars? Let’s open up the files and see him talk (maybe even sing) through each student’s academic & emotional prowess…

An Orange Coloured Sky is a cabaret show that is inspired by the relationships between female vocalists, their fathers and the music that fuels them.

Prayers to Broken Stone is an original Australian work that deals with family in the face of the apocalypse.

Like most families, the Stones are not exactly functional. The mother still mourns a long-dead spouse while her new partner dotes on her a little too much. One son never looks up from his phone and the other never looks up from his navel. And the only daughter has been indoctrinated in a bizarre apocalyptic cult that does not seem so bizarre now that the end of the world is imminent.