Your Ultimate 90s RnB Playlist

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To show we’re all up with the technology AND to get audiences excited about My Prerogative opening this week, Josh RH Daveta has put together a Spotify Playlist that makes it RnB Friday every day.

We asked the team behind My Prerogative what song on the playlist they’re most excited about and why:

We had a bit of lurve with the man himself:

Weak by SWV! Why? Because it’s my favourite love song!”
Josh R H Daveta, Writer & Performer

We had downright confusion about bodies of water:

“TLC’s Waterfalls because I never knew who Jason Waterfalls was or why he was leaving, yet was so damn invested in his wellbeing.”
Nick Casey, Marketing Manager

We had dirty talking ladies:

“Shoop. Because there’s something to be said for sexy, empowered women. And it actually is probably the only song in the world that contains the line “super sperm”.”
Emma Caldwell, Artistic Director

We had a show pony:
“Gangster’s Paradise because I can rap it all and it makes me get my hiphop on PLUS people are impressed by my rapping abilities.”
Grace Marshall, Technical Coordinator

But the outright winner was definitely Pony by Ginuwine.

Pony all the way. It’s so dirty, I love it!”
Tegan Jones, Producer

Pony is the sexiest song ever written.”
Stacey-Louise Camilleri, Accompanist

Check out Josh’s My Prerogative playlist here.

Make sure you book tickets for the show to see him belt out these killer tunes from 31st May – 4th June at The Butterfly Club. Book your tickets here.